John Paul II through the prism of history

John Paul II, the triumph of reaction

Tuesday January 26 at 8:50 p.m. on Arte

John Paul II, a modern pope? The unpublished documentary broadcast this Tuesday evening on Arte and directed by Christiane Ratiney is responsible for deconstructing the image of the herald of human rights and freedom. The first part details the Polish Pope’s commitment to fight communism, his support for Solidarnosc, his first trip to his native land. It was from very Catholic Poland that John Paul II brought down the Eastern bloc, until the fall of the Wall in November 1989. But beyond this feat of arms, the documentary wants to show the intransigent conservatism of a pope who condemned the theology of liberation in Latin America, who would have made secret agreements with both South American dictatorships and Ronald Reagan.

The remarks are still based on the Pope’s commitment against abortion, against the condom in the fight against AIDS, but who remained blind in the face of sexual abuse committed by priests. So many positions analyzed as a desire to restore the influence of the Catholic Church. There is no doubt that John Paul II was first of all a political pope, abandoning the Curia and the intermediaries to address the faithful directly. A popular success that has varied greatly over time and from country to country.

The documentary is part of the “Behind the scenes of History” collection which offers “a revised and corrected reading” of the history of the 20th century.e century, which certainly leads to enlarging the line and sifting through one of the Church’s longest pontificates (1978-2005). Reducing his action to a “conservative offensive” is undoubtedly excessive, even if no one can dispute the flaws of a pope who will have marked his time more than any other leader at the dawn of the third millennium.


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