John Huston for better or for worse

The controversial “Below the Volcano” and “The Evil One”, very convincing, emblematic works of the director, are released on Blue Ray DVD.

A trifle for him. John Huston has already adapted Moby dick. The Bible did not scare him. So, Below the volcano, you think. Malcolm Lowry’s cult novel was considered infilmable. The older ones had broken their teeth there, from Losey to Skolimowski. Huston, who knows Mexico like the back of his hand, takes up the challenge.

To embody the alcoholic consul, he had first thought of Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole, great thirsty before the Eternal. It will be Albert Finney, to whom the bottle was no stranger either. Tuxedo and dark glasses, without socks, Geoffrey Firmin does not sober up, staggers in the streets of Cuernavaca, awaits the return of his wife Yvonne during the Feast of the Dead.

The mad love of a soaked

How to turn madness into ethyl, translate the mad love of an imbibed, show damnation in images? Huston, 78 years old in 1984, deploys treasures of sincerity, summons Jacqueline Bisset in one of her best roles, illustrates a colorful hell. The fall will go through a bullfight, a visit to the brothel,

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