Job creation continues but slows

Private salaried employment continues to increase in France, but the pace of job creation slowed in the first quarter according to the first figures published this Friday, May 6 by INSEE. Between early January and late March, growth reached 0.3%, or 66,100 net job creations.

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In the fourth quarter of 2021, private salaried employment had increased by 0.6%, closing a positive year (+ 3.5% over the whole of 2021, i.e. 677,700 additional jobs). Last year’s progress had more than erased the decline in 2020 following the health crisis.

The industry is struggling

In detail, in the first quarter, temporary work, the compass of the employment market, fell back slightly (–1.4%, or –11,500 jobs) after seven consecutive quarters of growth. Temporary employment remains, in the first quarter of 2022, above its pre-crisis level: + 4.8% (i.e. + 37,500 jobs) compared to the end of 2019.

Excluding temporary work, private salaried employment is increasing in all sectors, but industry remains below its pre-crisis level. In this sector, employment increased by 0.1% for the fifth consecutive quarter (+3,100 jobs). However, these increases do not offset the losses in 2020 (–56,200 jobs) and industrial employment thus remains below its pre-crisis level (–1.1%, i.e. –32,900 jobs compared to the end of 2019).

Construction well above its pre-Covid level

In the commercial tertiary sector, private salaried employment slowed in the first quarter (+0.3%, i.e. +38,900 after +57,100 jobs in the last quarter of 2021). In this sector, employment far exceeds its pre-crisis level: + 1.9%, i.e. + 218,300 jobs compared to the end of 2019.

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In construction, private salaried employment rose again by 0.4% (+6,000 jobs, after +6,300). It exceeded its level at the end of 2019 by 5.1% (+73,600 jobs). end of 2019: + 3.4%, i.e. + 84,600 jobs.


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