Jizan Farewell Al-Harbi, godfather of literature and poetry

Yesterday, the Jazan region, one of the pioneers of the literary and cultural movement in the region, Ahmed Al-Harbi, gathered in the village of “Budaiya and Al-Qarafi”, in a majestic scene in the presence of a large crowd, who unanimously agreed on his nobility, personality, kindness of heart and smile that remained with him despite his pain, which he tried to get rid of by fleeing to Hair and the practice of life, but the disease was more severe, to die after a long struggle with disease.

Al-Harbi is considered one of the pioneers of the literary movement and influential people in the arena at the level of the Kingdom.

The Prince of Jazan region, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, extended his sincere condolences and condolences to Dr. Osama bin Ahmed Al-Harbi and all his family members on the death of their father, the former president of the Jazan Literary Club, the writer and poet, after suffering with illness. The Emir of Jazan praised the efforts and role of the late writer in developing the literary movement in the region through the Jazan Literary Club, and his contributions and poetic contributions in all forums internally and externally.

For his part, Dr. Usama Al-Harbi and his family members expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the Emir of Jazan region for his condolences and sympathy for them, which had a great impact in alleviating their painful plight, calling on God – the Almighty – to preserve it and provide him with health and wellness, and not show him any harm.


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