Jiang: Huawei continues to provide users with new things

– The company will upgrade “HarmonyOS” and “HiAI” systems.

Sheikh: Huawei has demonstrated its pioneering presence in enriching user experiences

Developing services and initiatives for artificial intelligence and a special system for smart cars

Huawei Consumer Business Group welcomed the year 2021 in an exceptional way, through an electronic press conference, announcing the continuation of presenting and promoting its sustainable and high-efficiency innovations with the continuous support of the media, to achieve the slogan of “Huawei for a healthy and smart life.”

The electronic conference was attended by Jason Jiang, general manager of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, and Muhammad Uweis Sheikh, Marketing Director.

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain

Jiang reviewed the strategy of artificial intelligence followed and developed by “Huawei”, pointing out that it is the first competitive factor among many companies.

He said that “Huawei” will upgrade the two most important systems, “HarmonyOS” and “HiAI”, which are considered as the key to the successful integration between the devices and the device’s ecosystems.

Jiang referred to the tremendous success of the “HUAWEI Ability Gallery” smart electronic services platform, which many companies and service providers have recently joined, indicating that it provides a wide range of products and provides an artificial intelligence experience to meet the needs of different users.

He stressed that the media’s support and continuous support for «Huawei» were a continuous acceleration for the development of the company’s business in Kuwait, pointing out that it is looking forward to more cooperation during the next year, to achieve its motto and goal towards providing a healthy and smart life.

Jiang stressed that Huawei continues to provide all that is new and better for users, starting from smart technology to smart products to provide new communication methods and a deeper understanding of users’ needs, noting its success in creating an environment that improves the feelings and experiences of users, by developing a variety of services and products. New.

For his part, Sheikh affirmed that Huawei has demonstrated its pioneering presence in enriching user experiences, through every product it offers, as it has won more than 40 awards for the HUAWEI P30 and Mate X series, from international technical media and industrial organizations. Leading.

Sheikh pointed out that the HUAWEI MateBook X Pro won 13 prestigious awards from leading media in 2019, and the company’s wearable devices received 21 awards as the best annual product, while the HUAWEI WiFi Q2 Pro won the best smart home product award in 2019. At «CES Asia», in addition to a group of awards for its non-smart devices.

Sheikh revealed that Huawei has worked to develop many services and initiatives in the field of artificial intelligence over the years, and over the past five years it has developed a special system for smart cars.

He pointed out that “Huawei” officially created “BU” smart car solutions on May 27, 2019, which focused on 5 axes: intelligence and connectivity, smart driving, smart cockpits, “mPower”, and cloud services.

Sheikh noted that Huawei, as the leading global provider of information and communication technology infrastructure, has recently launched the “TECH4ALL” initiative to promote digital inclusion, and “DigiTruck” for training on wheels, enabling students to learn how to use Internet technology to access information and services, including That education, healthcare and employment through mobile trucks equipped with the latest technology.

Interest in children

Huawei launched the “TrackAI” device, a portable artificial intelligence device to identify visual impairment in children, and also entered into a partnership with the Spanish Medical Research Institute, “IIS Aragon”, to develop a new medical device called “DIVE”, designed to diagnose early signs of vision impairment in children.

Huawei has partnered with the British Deaf Association and the European Union for the Deaf to launch the “StorySign” application, a free application that translates selected children’s books into sign language, which relies on artificial intelligence to ensure the speed and accuracy of the application.

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