Jeff 100 cats found in an 80’s home

The Jeff of about 100 cats was found Sunday in the home of an octogenarian in southern France, while nearly twenty other cats were found alive but in a miserable condition, a specialized association said Monday.

The carcasses were found, most of which were placed in closed plastic or wooden boxes, after the 81-year-old retired was admitted to hospital in the French coastal city of Nice, according to the local newspaper, “Nice Matin”.

Several associations for animal welfare were invited to intervene by a relative of this man who discovered these carcasses.

In all, the carcass of about a hundred cats were found inside and around the house, as well as the remains of squirrels, rats and a dog’s jaw.

Philippe Dejacs, president of La Tribute de Formier, one of the associations involved in the incident, explained that the majority of the cats had died when they were placed in these boxes due to their condition, but “we believe that at least two of them were deposited alive.” More than twenty cats, still alive but in poor condition, were rescued and taken to veterinarians or volunteers.

Dejak indicated that the retired man suffers from what is known as Noah Syndrome (Hoarding Animals), a mental disorder based on raising animals with more animals than a person’s ability to shelter or feed, as well as Diogenes syndrome, which is translated by compulsive accumulation of possessions.


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