Jeddah Health: The allegations of the Botox actress are under investigation

“Jeddah Health” revealed that it has launched an investigation into the allegations of Tunisian actress Samia Al-Trabelsi, in which she claimed that she performed some cosmetic procedures such as botox and fillers without obtaining a medical certificate for more than 6 years in the city of Jeddah under the supervision of a famous plastic surgeon.

In a statement to Al-Watan, Jeddah Health said that verification of these allegations is underway, and clarifications will be issued once the investigation is completed.

Doctor clinic reservations

Samia Al-Trabelsi appeared during the “Sami Al-Fihri Idea” program, which is shown on the Tunisian “Al-Hiwar” channel, while the pioneers of social networking sites circulated the clip of the actress who participated in several Saudi series, where her statements sparked controversy. Al-Watan contacted the clinic, in which the actress claimed that she had performed cosmetic procedures, but she did not respond to the newspaper’s inquiries, and she refused to provide any information.

“Trabelsi” questions “health” controls

The other thing that made the case more controversial was that the actress was not afraid of the legal consequences of her allegations during the TV program, where she said that what helped her the most in working in the field of plastic surgery is that health procedures in Saudi Arabia are not strict in the field of cosmetic surgery, specifically in the city of Jeddah. Which was considered by many to be skeptical about the Ministry’s controls over this matter.

legal procedures

Lawyer Nawaf Al-Nabati clarified that the Health Professions Violations Committee will summon the “clinic owner”, whom the actress claimed that she worked under his supervision, and would conduct an investigation. In the event that the allegations and violations are proven, decisions regarding him will be issued by this committee, and he has the right to object to these decisions before the Board of Grievances.

The penalties that may be imposed in such cases are a warning, a fine not exceeding 10 thousand riyals, revocation of the license to practice the health profession, and striking off the name from the registry of the licensees. In the event that the license is revoked, it is not permissible to apply for a new license until at least two years have passed from the date of the cancellation decision.

Pitting public opinion

Regarding the actress, Al-Nabati clarified that she can be summoned through the Public Prosecution Office, and several charges are brought against her, including inciting public opinion, insulting the Ministry of Health, and providing false information about her, as well as being accused of practicing the profession without a license, pointing out that the penalty for practicing the profession without a license is Imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 months and a fine not exceeding 100,000 riyals, or one of these two penalties.

Al-Nabati continued: Because the actress is not Saudi, the competence belongs to the International Interpol Department in the Public Prosecution Office, and here the decision belongs to the prosecution.

Supervision in beauty clinics

On the monitoring efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Health to preserve the health of the citizen and resident, consultant plastic surgery Dr. Nasser Al-Hudayeb confirmed to Al-Watan that “the monitoring efforts that the Ministry is undertaking in the private sector in recent years are unremitting efforts, and the positive changes in recent years are very clear. According to what I see we have ».

Al-Hudayeb also explained that the issue of injecting cosmetic materials in the face or carrying out any cosmetic procedure is from the consultant physician, especially in clinics, because the responsibility first and foremost rests with the doctor before the patient and the ministry, and even before the courts in the event that the patient has been affected by these cosmetic procedures. .

He added: Not every plastic surgeon is necessarily able to perform certain cosmetic procedures such as filler and botox injections.


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