Jean-Paul Rouve will be Gabriel Matzneff in the adaptation of Vanessa Springora’s Consent

The novelist testifies, in her book published in 2020, of the relationship she had, from her 13 to her 15 years, with the author at the time, almost 50 years old.

Who could embody the young V and the old G, the “couple” of the Consent by Vanessa Springora? Satellifax reveals that the actor Jean-Paul Rouve will lend his features (though not very similar) to Gabriel Matzneff in Vanessa Filho’s film, which is due to start filming in February 2022. As for the teenager, it will return to Kim Higelin, daughter of Kên and Jacques’ granddaughter, to play the role.

The literary bomb exploded on a winter Thursday. January 2, 2020 appeared at Grasset The consent. A story from another age since it relates the romantic relationship, in the 1980s, of a 13-year-old girl with a famous 49-year-old writer. Their two-year romance does not shock the intellectual community. It just provokes a surprise tinged with admiration. There is no question of fiction here. This is a testimonial from its author, the editor Vanessa Springora (she directed Julliard), exhibiting “The triple predation” – sexual, literary and psychic – of which she would have been a victim. And the famous writer is none other than Gabriel Matzneff, whose taste for Under sixteen – title of one of his works published in 1974 – was known and assumed long before the revelations of his former “lover”.

Media fever

The publication of the book caused a media tsunami. In a few days, the 20,000 copies initially available were sold (today, sales reach 180,000 copies). In July, producers Carole Lambert (Breaking for all) and Marc Missonnier (Knock, Django, Welcome to Marly-Gomont) announced their intention to produce a film adaptation of the work. The production was entrusted to Vanessa Filho, selected in 2018 at Cannes, in the section Un certain regard, for Angel Face .

A few weeks after the publication of Consent, an investigation for “Rape of minors under 15” targeting the now 85-year-old writer was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office. If the facts concerning Vanessa Springora are prescribed, the investigations could bring to light recent testimonies which could lead to a trial. For his part, Gabriel Matzneff saw fit to write Vanessavirus, self-published book in February 2021 for lack of publisher. He describes a man ostracized from society, a response to his blacklisting.

September 28, 2021, new twist: a former journalist, Francesca Gee, self-published The Deadliest Weapon, a book in which she tells how, at the age of 15, she also fell into what she describes as “the Matzneff trap”. The writer was then 22 years older than her.


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