Jean-Paul Belmondo, the patriarch

If he loved women and left some of them, the actor has always had a high idea of ​​the family. It was with her and a few close friends that this chieftain played his best role.

Among my greatest pride, there is that of having built this beautiful family that surrounds me. To be the patriarch fills me permanently ”, assured Jean-Paul Belmondo. In 2017, when he received us at his table a few days before he received an honorary Caesar, his clan was gathered around him. In the canteen of the former studios of Boulogne-Billancourt, where he had filmed Fear over the city, we had been swept away by the joyous atmosphere that reigned and touched by the affection with which all watched over the Patriarch.

If Paul, his son, served as a tender support for his partially paralyzed father, he had an obvious admiration for him. Her daughter-in-law, the bubbly Luana, was in charge of putting, in good Italian that she is, a warm and sonorous atmosphere. As for Victor, his actor grandson, he stood out with a respectful politeness characteristic of Belmondo children, not missing any anecdote from his grandfather. In front of a plate of rigatoni with truffles

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