Jean-Paul Belmondo: the 10 favorite films of Figaro Magazine

SELECTION – Belmondo leaves behind a filmography of 80 works of all styles and genres. Among them, some are unforgettable.

All risks class (1960)

Christophel Collection, Capture © Mondex Films

First film (black) for Sautet, first masterpiece. Lino Ventura as we have never seen him since, so fragile, is a mobster on the run from Italy, he can no longer see his descendants. A young man goes to help her hide. Belmondo’s gaze on his elder brother, a hunted man and a broken family man, is unforgettable. Sautet will change register, the film will be a failure, Bébel will explode with Breathless . Whatever: it’s a pearl.

Breathless (1960)


French cinema was purring, Godard wakes it up with this real-false thriller which shines less by its scenario than by a style, an atmosphere, an innovative, rebellious, nonconformist spirit. With his crooked nose, his mocking eye, his disheveled hair, his insolent lines, his improbable draw, his absurd lightness and his soft hat, Belmondo embodies the new breath that gives birth to the New Wave.

Léon Morin, priest (1961)


The story of a “Bernanosian” priest under the Occupation who manages to convert a young unbeliever. A paved path of one dimension

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