Jean-Christophe Buisson: “In war as in war”

CHRONICLE – On Netflix, a new and remarkable adaptation of the novel by Remarque, In the west, nothing is new.

“Oh God! that war is pretty, Apollinaire versified, a bandage on his injured head, a few weeks before being carried away by the Spanish flu. The word was ironic: war is ugly. But there is more ugly: to die in war. Especially when it comes to an end. We will be convinced of this if necessary by watching the very successful new adaptation of the novel by Erich Maria Remarque, In the west, nothing is new (Netflix).

Nearly a century after Lewis Milestone, Edward Berger took over the text which is certainly not limited, as the Nazis stupidly believed, to a pacifist cry, but which offers a tragic and intense stroll in the trenches of the Somme. and the human soul. Shaking up the chronology of the original story, freeing itself from the sole point of view of the narrator, this feature film (2h30) impresses as much by its form (spectacular without exaggeration) as by its substance.

We follow the journey of Paul Bäumer, who, with his comrades, goes from fervent enthusiasm to…

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