Jean-Christophe Buisson: Baghdad Central, the worst job in the world

CHRONICLE – A drawer investigation of a police officer in Baghdad under American occupation: the breathtaking new series of Arte.

Anyone who has followed the literary adventures of Wallander, Bosch, Adamsberg, Rebus or Erlendur knows that the life of a police inspector is not easy in our Western countries and that personal problems sometimes take an invasive place. Imagine in Iraq in 2003! Muhsin al-Khafaji is an excellent worry-ridden investigator. His son was executed under Saddam Hussein because he belonged to the opposition. Since then, he has lost his wife, his youngest daughter is seriously ill and his eldest daughter, who accuses him of having continued to serve power despite the death of her son, hangs out at the faculty with potential insurgents. Their target, now that Saddam has been overthrown, is none other than the occupation forces of the Anglo-American Coalition. Not in the name of radical Islam or Arab nationalism, but because a young Iraqi interpreter was raped by an American for whom she worked. To avenge his friend, Sawsan goes into hiding. his father

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