Jean-Christophe Buisson: “1940, back to hell”

CHRONICLE – Despite some approximations, the new documentary in the series Apocalypse, entitled Hitler attacks in the West, is a success.

We have known it since Apocalypse Hitler (2011): Documentaries by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle are the best in France to tell and show on television the tragic XXe century. Relying on archives often unpublished, restored, colorized, (re) sonorized, they restore moments of history with unparalleled force.

The diversity and originality of the images, often produced by amateur filmmakers, make them hardly suspect of ideological orientation. We will not say as much of the subject, which sometimes gets lost in statements or haphazard judgments.

In Apocalypse. Hitler attacks in the West, we will jump on more than one occasion. For example, hearing that Marshal Pétain negotiated directly with Hitler during the French campaign of May-June 1940. Or when it is claimed that France was in a state of mind favorable to collaboration with the Nazis before July 1940 .

The rewriting of history has been strongly influenced by

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