Jamie is influenced by Adel Imam and turns his specialty to law

The comedian, Adel Imam, changed the course of medical student Ibrahim Al-Tarifi from studying diseases and anatomy to the world of law and the legal profession, where Al-Tarifi decided to do so after watching a film by the artist Adel Imam (Avocato), which highlights the legal profession.

lifetime dream

Lawyer Ibrahim Al-Tarifi says that his dream and ambition at the beginning of his studies is to be a doctor, and after he passed the secondary stage in 2008, he obtained the average that qualifies him to enter the Faculty of Medicine, and he was accepted into the Northern Border University, and due to the difficulty of transportation, as there are no direct flights between “Hail” And “Arar”, he used the bus for transportation, and he completed the admission stages, yet he was unable to adapt and adapt, and decided to return to “Hail”, and he was accepted into the university as a “computer engineer.”

Al-Tarifi added: “One night, I was watching a movie by the mighty artist Adel in front of (Avocado), and it was a highlight of the legal profession, and from that moment I decided to change my course permanently.”

Specialized colleges

He explains: “There were no colleges specialized in law at the time except in the main areas, so I decided to send a scholarship abroad to study this profession, amid amazement from my family and opposition at first, but my passion and insistence led them to agree, and they supported me in completing the scholarship procedures.”

Lawyer Al-Tarifi points out that his love of law led him to complete his studies with distinction, and after his return he worked as a trainee for more than two years in a law firm in “Hail”, until he imbibed the profession.

Skill and creativity

Al-Tarifi stressed that the legal profession depends mainly on skill and creativity, noting that this led him to transform from an employee in a law firm in its infancy to an office owner, who has employees and consultants, and has become a specialist in pleading in various cases, including criminal, and is currently training female lawyers Specializing in criminal cases, to be among the first female lawyers in this specialty.

the story of the movie

The film revolves around a lawyer, “Hassan Spinach”, who is trying to adapt to prison conditions while serving a one-month prison sentence for insulting the court in one of the cases.

Spinach manages to establish many twisted relationships with prisoners, most notably with drug dealer Hassuna Muharram and Salim Abu Zaid, one of the centers of power in the sixties. Spinach plays on all the ropes, and begins to stir up the judicial system and the upturned conditions of society.

The lawyer succeeds in getting “Hassouna” out of prison, and returning him to the front of society again, in preparation for the monument to “Hassouna” in the “Khubat al-Omar”, where “Spinach” plan included currency trading, and the marriage of his sister-in-law to “Hassouna”, and because “the fall of Al-Shater with a thousand, and spinach itself is counted as two thousand, Hassouna succeeded in entrapping the lawyer and forcing him to go to prison, and because “Spinach” loves manipulation, he quickly resumed his activities from within the prison walls, allied with “Salim Abu Zaid.” ’, in a new process that begins, as the film ends, with an escape, to start a new “twisted” life.


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