James Bond: to not look old-fashioned, the sponsors of Dying can wait want to return scenes

The health crisis is also shaking up product placement. From postponement to postponement of the film, the brands, which invested in 2019 in the last mission of Daniel Craig, now believe that their investment could be struck by obsolescence.

In the kingdom of James Bond, only diamonds are eternal … Visibly distressed by the fourth postponement of To die can wait brands, who had gambled on the box office exploits of Daniel Craig’s long-awaited final performance in 007’s tuxedo, may well be upset over their product placements.

Almost two years after the initial planned release in 2019, some glimpses in the scenes directed by Cary Fukunaga, will soon be stricken with obsolescence. Or, worse, will have disappeared forever from the shelves and windows where the barge, enticed, could have bought them.

It’s no longer a secret for anyone, for decades Eon Productions has financed an important part of a shoot – which does not cost far from 250 million euros -, by skillfully placing car brands here and there. , watches, perfumes, computers or mobile phones … etc.

James Bond subject to brand marketing?

These investments, settled in exchange for goods or in cash, are subject, like the scenarios of the Bondian missions to strict rules, governed in this case by marketing strategies as subtle and Machiavellian as the plans of MI6, the spy service where officiates the handsome James.

Over time, the James Bond saga has become a franchise, an ambiguous term that meant both saga and advertising showcase. You don’t have to work for the Specter to know that such famous brands as Nokia, Omega, Bollinger and Adidas have supplied 007 with the latest instruments and other items to succeed in its mission. Because what would a 007 be without the “up to date” wearable, the most sophisticated watch, the most prestigious champagne and the most fitting sportswear? Not much believes, now in the heart of the film’s sponsors, who would welcome the fact that certain scenes are turned over. For fear of seeing their product die from having waited too long …

Extract of To die can wait by Cary Fukunaga, with Daniel Craig …


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