Jacques Audiard: “With Les Olympiades, I am where I am not expected”

MAINTENANCE – For his 9th feature film, the director changes register. Far from the great outdoors Sisters Brothers, he imagines a comedy around love.

With The Olympics, sound 9e feature film, Jacques Audiard surprises by filming the waltz of bodies and feelings in today’s Paris. Rupture or continuity? Response elements.

LE FIGARO – With The Olympics, you change team, gender and tone. Need renewal?

Jacques AUDIARD. – I had in mind a little film, with software to review and the desire to shoot quickly. I was coming out of Sisters Brothers, a western, the great outdoors, violence… I liked the idea of ​​surprising things, of being where you don’t expect me. And when a friend made me read the news of Adrian Tomine, an American comic book author, the material immediately interested me. It is of great psychological finesse.

A Black, an Asian, a girl in love with another girl… You tick all the diversity boxes. Aren’t you afraid to do too much?

No. At Tomine, there was already a character of Asian origin. We had to create the character of Camille, the young black teacher played by Makita

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