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The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture “Ithraa” announced the completion of 4 projects, as part of the national program “Content Enrichment Initiative”, which aims to develop the local content industry and enhance its opportunities in the Kingdom in various cultural and creative sectors, while 10 other creative projects are in the process of being completed. As part of a continuous journey of partnership, development and content distribution, and reaching the recipient through local, regional and global platforms, Ithraa also supported the establishment of 5 emerging Saudi companies specialized in the content industry.

In the first phase, the “Enriching Content” initiative witnessed the participation of 500 Saudi companies and institutions, which were sorted into 83 projects. The projects were presented to advisory committees from inside and outside the Ithra Center, and 14 local projects were selected, serving the cultural and creative content industry, which comes in line with the Center’s vision. In developing aspects of creativity, and continuous renewal in the fields of thought, literature, culture and innovation.

The impact of early completed projects, including “Earth Music”, which consists of 6 lyrical works, was reflected in the Saudi pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020, and the sung poems were part of the 16 Windows program in the Saudi pavilion, to shed light on the literature window. This work dates back to the pre-Islamic poems, and simulates poets of Arabic literature who lived on the land of the Arabian Peninsula. The poems in front of the Expo 2020 visitors, along with the folk dances accompanying them, to tell a full story about these poems.

The projects of the “Enrichment of Content” initiative range from literary, philosophical, historical, cinematic and scientific, including the “Al Narrator” project, a specialized literary podcast, and “Why do you notice more things than other things?” It is a printed philosophical book, in addition to “Med” represented by 15 printed and translated books, in addition to “Bridges” which includes 5 books of Arabic poetry translated into French, and the “Tree” project represented by a historical archive of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through a handwritten book and archive Photographer.

Documentary works have received a large share of these projects, including “Amroha” which includes 8 documentaries on the history of Saudi architecture, the “Genome” project, which sheds light on genetic diseases in 6 episodes, and a documentary film on “The Future of Content Industry” dealing with the role of artificial intelligence in This industry, in addition to “Jawab”, a documentary work, deals with the world of celebrities in 4 episodes.

And cinematically, the initiative included a number of creative projects, including “Insaba” which is a movie about the movement, “Against the Cinema” which deals with the history of cinema in Saudi Arabia, and “Heart on Sand” which is an anime movie that talks about the history of the desert in 15 episodes, and finally “Tala” Jala, which consists of 4 episodes of animation and a comic book.


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