“It was hell”: Jean Dujardin recounts the grueling filming of A guy and a girl

The Oscar-winning actor has delivered on the difficult conditions of the filming of the France 2 miniseries, shot for years between the walls of a kitchen and a bathroom.

Jean Dujardin does not mince his words. In the columns of the quarterly Running Heroes Society, the actor remembered “hell»From the shooting of the series a boy and a girl, with his former partner Alexandra Lamy. “ When, in one day, you do three episodes in a stake and you go home to bed at night, I can tell you that you do not find sleep right away “, He explained.

The actor has bitter memories of the shoot, initially spent in camera between the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. “ I often say that I am a Labrador, an outdoor actor. That’s why, when a director says to me: “You don’t mind running on a few takes?”, I answer him: “No, but you’re crazy, on the contrary” », He resumed.

Like his predecessor Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Dujardin hates “stay ass on a chair», Not hesitating to do his own stunts when he has the opportunity. “ Me, when I think I can do it, I do it, it doesn’t go any further. We save time and see a guy do everything for me, it’s not funny … “.

Morocco, Mauritius, Seychelles

Series a boy and a girl followed from 1999 to 2003, the adventures of “Chouchou” and “Loulou”, nicknames given to each other respectively Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin, future married. In the end, counting nearly 4500 sketches, 485 episodes and 5 seasons, its beginnings were nevertheless more modest. Shot with three francs six sous at the home of producer Isabelle Camus, no one predicted that these comic capsules would find such success.

Two years later, even as the series moved to a larger house in Boulogne, Jean Dujardin no longer supported filming within four walls. “ In the third season, we negotiated trips and exteriors “, He confided, paying himself the luxury of flying to the Seychelles, Morocco or Mauritius.

These misadventures did not mar the popularity of the program, a real springboard for the two actors. In 2012, Jean Dujardin was notably awarded the Oscar for his role in The Artist by Michel Hazanavicius and has since multiplied the awards and successful films.

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