It could be true

We have all read or heard this “information”: in Belfort, a young Muslim, the son of police officers, was allegedly violently attacked for having posted a photo on social networks showing him celebrating Christmas. The Minister of the Interior immediately expressed his indignation on Twitter: “A young man attacked because he would have celebrated Christmas and would not be a ‘good Arab’. “Aggravating” circumstance: being the son of police officers. ” This version has just been seriously contested by the Belfort prosecutor’s office, which speaks of“Fragmentary or inaccurate information” and calls into question the “Exacerbated reactions which are the consequence, including from politicians and trade union organizations” (police, in this case). This is called a denial. It is time to recall this sad observation of Yvan Audouard (I know, I already quoted it a little while ago …): “Information plus denial, that makes two pieces of information for the price of one. And it is always the false that remains in the memories. “ By virtue of this other axiom from the same Yvan Audouard: “The probable is a trap that the lie tends for the truth” (axiom that we can never meditate enough). I take this opportunity to clarify that, contrary to what we say or write too often, it is not to Michel Audiard that we owe the aphorism: “Blessed are the cracked, for they will let the light pass”, but indeed to Yvan Audouard. An “information” plus a denial …


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