Issa: The Kuwaiti market is among the pioneers in digital transformation

Information technology has become the number one player in all local companies
– We provide high quality global services that suit the nature of local communities
Digitizing companies is a long-term investment that reduces costs, raises profits and increases revenues

Director of Cloud Services and Managed Communications at Diyar United Company, Qassem Issa, said that the Kuwaiti market is among the pioneers in the process of digital transformation in the public and private sectors, indicating that information technology has become the first player in all local companies.

He added that private companies and government agencies have developed many plans to develop their operations to keep pace with global technological developments, stressing that adopting digital transformation solutions and moving companies to full digitization is a long-term investment, and helps them reduce their operational costs, raise their future profits and increase their revenues.

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He explained that Al Diar has been operating in the Kuwaiti market for 40 years, and has been providing digital transformation solutions to its clients in the public and private sectors, including ministries, government agencies, oil and telecommunications companies, banks, retail and others.

Issa added during the ghabga that the company established with “VMWARE” for its customers, that many companies in the Kuwaiti market were surprised by the “Corona” crisis, indicating that “Al-Diyar” was ready with its services to help the two sectors continue their services with the same quality without interruption during the pandemic, thanks to its partnerships with senior Players in the technology sector such as Dell Technologies, VMware, and others. He added that “Al Diar” is present in the Gulf countries and Hyderabad in India, which helps it to provide high-quality global services that suit the nature of the local communities it works with. key partner

For his part, the head of the technology sector at Ooredoo Communications Company, Hassan Al-Shami, stated that “Al-Diyar” is the main partner of the company in operating its networks and all devices related to the digital transformation process it is witnessing, and the development of its services for corporate and individual customers, pointing to the renewal of the contract between the two companies for five Additional years of managing digital services.

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In a related context, the director at VMware in Kuwait, Muhammad Badr, explained that the company, in cooperation with Al-Diyar, provides many modern digital services, especially digital transformation solutions, pointing to the cooperation between them in helping the Kuwaiti government implement the digital transformation strategy. on all levels.

He revealed cooperation with “Al Diar” to provide cloud computing services required by all sectors, information security, and the establishment of an information storage unit for each entity separately if its operations needed to do so.

On the other hand, a specialized computer engineer, head of the Operations Control Department and the Administration of the Information System Center in the Ministry of Electricity, Jaber Gharib, praised the development of the bilateral relationship with “Al-Diar” significantly in the recent period, thanks to the company’s officials’ deep understanding of the nature of work in the Ministry and its basic needs in the process of digital transformation. Which it is witnessing, pointing to the cooperation between the two sides in providing the servers required to run the work in the ministry, and backing up data.

He stressed that “Electricity” continues to prepare for the adoption of cloud computing according to the procedures required of it in cooperation with the Central Agency for Information Technology, indicating that it is witnessing a great leap in digital transformation, especially after the recent appointment of new agents in it.

On the other hand, the Director of the Information Technology Department in the National Assembly, Hussein Al-Nakas, said that “Al-Diyar” is the success partner of the National Assembly in digital transformation, praising the professionalism of the company’s team, its follow-up to work and its provision of technical support over time, adding that the National Assembly continues to develop the required plans. For the digital transformation process, by benefiting from Al-Diar’s great experience in this field.

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