iPhone 14 landed at Ooredoo

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain: The company continues to accelerate its digital leadership
Sales in record time without waiting
Same-day delivery of devices
Excellence in service and meeting the aspirations of customers is the cornerstone of achieving leadership
We seek to consolidate our position and digitally elevate the lifestyle of customers

Ooredoo Telecom did not deviate from its annual habit of exceptionally opening the doors of its headquarters in the evening to launch modern Apple devices, coinciding with the official launch of the iPhone 14 in Kuwait.

This time, customers were on a date with the launch of the newest entrant to the smart phone market, with exclusive offers and exceptional packages that Ooredoo was keen to provide to its distinguished customer base, led by those who are eager and passionate about the latest technology innovations, and the first to carry the American “apple” devices as soon as they become available in the outlets. locally.

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Artistic performances, competitions and valuable gifts that the company was keen to present last Thursday evening to the participants in the usual annual party that everyone is waiting for at its headquarters, and as a confirmation of the company’s precedence and its keenness to continue distinguishing its customers by all available means.

The company’s work team has turned into a mobile beehive in all facilities and roles to receive customers, introduce them to modern devices and provide a detailed explanation of the packages that Ooredoo offers on iPhone 14, while giving them a chance to win tickets to attend the upcoming 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar between next November and December.

The company’s management directives were evident in satisfying all participants in the event, which was held in partnership with the National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait Airways, and many other parties, while continuing to support the initiators by providing mobile carts to display their products in front of the event’s goers, through cooperation Team work and distribution of roles in a way that shows integration and teamwork, which is one of the core values ​​of the leading company in the telecommunications sector.

As its annual habit, Ooredoo Communications continued to shine and surprise customers, with the launch of the new iPhone 14 devices, which this year accompanied the company’s annual custom with receiving customers at its headquarters, amid great demand and a race among technology enthusiasts to obtain the latest smartphones in the market , with exclusive gifts that included tickets to attend the World Cup matches in Qatar.The events that were held at the “Ooredoo” tower last Thursday evening came as the company continues to lead the digital transformation path for its customers, as it strives to achieve continuous development in order to enrich customer experiences through digital products and services in line with lifestyles. New in the market

During the event, the company launched exclusive offers on “iPhone14 Pro and iPhone14 Pro Max”, and extended them for several days due to the high demand from customers to benefit from them.

The event witnessed the attendance of a large crowd of customers and iPhone lovers, who felt a unique customer experience, as the sales were carried out in record time without waiting, in addition to providing the same day delivery service.

The “Ooredoo” tower in the heart of Kuwait City received thousands of customers and lovers of technology, smartphones and iPhones in particular, who were keen to be present from 6 pm to take advantage of the most exclusive and strongest offers in the country, with “Shamil Pro” packages at competitive prices and unique benefits. More powerful and distinguished offers were also allocated to Elite packages for National Bank of Kuwait customers, and Oasis Card members from amazing free gifts, including tickets to attend the matches of the awaited 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which is scheduled to take place from November 21 to December 18.

The ceremony was attended by a number of media representatives, artists and social media celebrities, and the event was broadcast live on 360FM and Marina FM, and hosted a distinguished group of restaurants and cafes in cooperation with the “V-Thru” application, and distinctive entertainment that achieved the highest standards. Exceeding customers’ expectations, ensuring their comfort and access to a unique experience and surprising them with valuable prizes.

The event witnessed the participation of many major companies and entities in Kuwait that presented unique exclusive offers such as “Oula Fuel” and Falcon Company, owned by the “New Market” company, a leader in the country and the region in providing the latest services and technology related to drones “DJI”. And «CAVARATE», Al-Sour Fuel Marketing Company (Alpha Fuel), Al-Seef Hospital, «Bang & Olufsen», and a global electronics company.

The entertainment sessions witnessed a large participation of the attendees and received great approval from all the participants, who expressed their happiness with the band and the museum dedicated to displaying all categories of “iPhone” devices since the beginning of its release until now and all the exceptional events organized by the company, such as competitions and new virtual games of its kind. Through which the winners will have tickets for the World Cup matches in addition to offers and services, which confirms Ooredoo’s leadership and superiority, which always reflects the excellence of what it offers.

The company continues to lead the digital transformation of its customers, based on its strategy for the local market to be the preferred digital communications operator for customers in a digitally interconnected world.

The biggest party

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, said that this largest ceremony in the country comes at a time when the company continues to accelerate its digital leadership in line with its vision and goals to make a positive change in the lives of customers in a digitally connected world, pointing out that excellence in Service and meeting their aspirations constitutes a cornerstone in the journey of continuity to achieve leadership.

Al-Babtain added that the company always seeks to consolidate its position in the digital communications sector, by enhancing value for customers and improving their digital lifestyle, stressing its keenness through its offerings, products and partnerships with reputable companies, to achieve harmony with its future ambitions and to be the preferred digital communications operator and the best choice for customers. .

Partnership with NBK and Kuwait Airways

For the second year in a row, Ooredoo celebrated its strategic partnership with the National Bank of Kuwait, with a new strategic partnership, according to which it granted the bank’s private banking customers a set of privileges, including the priority of obtaining the new “iPhone 14 Pro” or “iPhone14 Pro Max” at its headquarters. The company in the Ooredoo Tower.

The successful partnerships achieved by Ooredoo Kuwait include its cooperation with Kuwait Airways to give customers free tickets to various destinations within exciting competitions held during the ceremony.

Issa Al-Mousa: Exclusive offers and a turnout that exceeded expectations

The company’s Executive Director of Sales, Issa Al-Mousa, said that during the ceremony, it presented special offers and exclusive prices on the new “iPhone 14” phones, which witnessed a great turnout that exceeded expectations, which led to its extension for several days, noting the company’s keenness to continue leadership in the market by providing The best packages and prices for customers from all segments of the market.

Hamad Al-Matar: Keeping abreast of developments to gain customer trust and loyalty

The Director of Public Relations in the company, Hamad Al-Matar, indicated Ooredoo’s keenness to distinguish its customers and give them the best offers and the latest devices as soon as they are available in the market, noting that holding the launch ceremony for the new “iPhone 14” reflects its keenness, as is customary annually, to provide the best offers. And exclusive prices that meet the desires of customers, and keep abreast of major developments in the world of technology, which reflects positively on its reputation and enhances its success and customer loyalty to it in the local market.

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