IPhone 12 on the market after 10 days

– «iPhone 12 mini» .. the smallest phone that works with the technology of the fifth generation

October 16 – Pre-order for iPhone 12 and 12 Pro begins.

– The company receives orders for “iPhone 12 mini” and “iPhone 12 Promax” from November 6th

Under the slogan “Hi Speed”, the American company “Apple” launched the new generation of iPhones, namely the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone Pro and iPhone Promax, which will be the first Its fifth-generation devices.

The company set up a hypothetical conference, in which its officials indicated that «iPhone 12 mini» is the smallest phone supporting the fifth generation around the world, indicating that the price of the device will start at about $ 600, while the prices of «iPhone 12» start from $ 799, and «iPhone 12 Pro» “From $ 999, and” iPhone 12 Pro Max “from $ 1099.

The pre-order for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will start in the company’s main stores on October 16 and will be available in the market on October 23, while receiving orders will start on November 6 for the iPhone 12 mini, which is available in the market. By November 13 and from November 6 for “iPhone 12 Pro Max”, which will be available in the market on November 20.

The iPhone 12 comes with 3 cameras and a sensor for the first time from the American brand, which aimed to surprise its customers after a delay of about a month from the annual deadline for the launch of the new generation of iPhone phones, which usually takes place in September of each year.

The new developments in the new devices included improving the camera’s capabilities to take pictures, while improving the telephoto (zoom) and increasing its range by 4 times compared to the “iPhone 11”, as well as providing a sensor lider that helps the customer focus on different objects using lighting even in conditions. They are weak, which means you can get better shots even in the dark.

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