Investment land obstructs the construction of a girls’ college

A number of people demanded the Riyadh Municipality to empty the plot of land that was allocated by the municipality of Al-Muzahimiyah in 1439 to Shaqra University, and they stated that they followed up the matter with a visit to the municipality. Allocating the land located in the 164 scheme, and there is no other suitable location for the establishment of the college. Coordination was made with Shaqra University in the presence of its representative. The people indicated that a report “the homeland keeps a copy of” was made between the municipality and Shaqra University to sign it, and after the university demanded emptiness, the claimants were surprised That the land will be allocated for investment and there is no way to empty it for the university, which raised their eyebrows and stressed that the establishment of the college is necessary, to serve the people of the province and the city of Riyadh.

dangerous building

The official spokesman of Shaqra University, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Siyari, revealed that it was decided to vacate the building of Al-Muzahimiyah College, based on the letter received from the renting authority, which stated that the facades of the building are liable to fall and pose a danger to the safety of female students and faculty members and endanger their lives, explaining that the reforms are now being implemented. Required, for the facades of the building by the contractor, and under the supervision of the lessor, where the work is expected to be completed in an urgent time.

Regarding the allocation of a plot of land for the construction of a college building for girls, the official spokesman of the university explained that the aforementioned plot of land for the construction of a building for the College of Education for Girls in Al-Muzahmiyah, its procedures stopped after it was submitted to the competent authority as it is an investment land, and stated that the university is currently working according to the regular procedures and in cooperation with the competent authorities, to search for An alternative land in the province.

The speaker replied

In turn, “Al-Watan” contacted the official spokesman of the Riyadh Municipality, Dr. Ali Al-Ruwaili, to take a comment on the matter on April 21 last, and contact was made until the moment this report was published, but there was no response.


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