Intellectual property discusses the scope of enforcement of its laws

The National Committee for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights held its first meeting chaired by the CEO of the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Suwailem, in the presence and membership of representatives of a number of government agencies.

The meeting discussed the scope of enforcement of intellectual property rights, the objectives and terms of reference of the committee, in addition to the most important tasks that will contribute to achieving those goals, including proposing national programs and initiatives to ensure the enforcement of rights, following up procedures for the enforcement system bodies and proposing their development, in addition to coordinating efforts and strategies, and proposing statutory articles to improve The work of the enforcement system and the achievement of harmony and harmony between government and private entities to enforce and advance intellectual property rights, in accordance with international best practices.

It is noteworthy that the authority previously launched the Intellectual Property Respect Officer initiative, through which it seeks to raise compliance with laws and regulations related to intellectual property in the government sector, through qualifying and training an official from every government agency, through several programs under the supervision of the Intellectual Property Academy of the Authority, in cooperation with the organization The World Intellectual Property Organization, until the qualification is completed to issue a certificate of accreditation for the IP Respect Official


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