Instagram is the most popular transfer of personal data

The results of the research conducted by the company “pCloud” showed that two-thirds of the applications are currently transferring the information of their users to third parties. Experts have reached the conclusion that the applications collect information about their users for various reasons, including trying to correct errors and improve work, in addition to that they use this information to display Ads. Also, the application «Instagram» transfers the largest volume of personal data of its users to third parties, more than others, as it transfers 79% of the information about its users, including search history, personal information and purchase information.

Third parties

Experts mentioned that the information that is shared with third parties may be related to the company that issued this application, or that they are paying money for the right to obtain this information. Importantly, these applications not only collect personal information, but also history search queries. The expert in digital marketing, Ivan Dimitrov, told Forbes that applications sometimes need to transfer certain information to third parties in order to help them provide their services, indicating at the same time that a number of programs and applications do this for their own interests, not for the benefit of users. In addition, experts declared that Instagram is in fact a center for transmitting such a large volume of data from its uninformed users, who number one billion people a month, and this raises concern. And it is ranked second in the list of applications that transfer the information of its users to third parties, the company «Facebook» that transmits 57% of the information. As for the “YouTube” application, it transmits 42% of the information about its users. “Big apps seek to collect as much information as possible about their users, rather than concern themselves with protecting the security of this information,” Dimitrov said.

Move products

PCloud explained that about 80% of applications use their users’ information to move their products both inside and outside the application. The company has revealed the names of applications that collect the least amount of information, or do not do so completely, and include Skype, Microsoft Teams, Clubhouse, Netflix, Signal and Telegram.

Applications that transfer users’ personal data to third parties

1- Instagram


2- Facebook


3- YouTube


Apps that collect the least amount of information:


Microsoft Teams






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