Instagram brings back the recycle

The Facebook-owned Instagram platform is making it easy to return deleted posts, by introducing a “newly deleted” feature in the app.

This feature allows you to review and restore content that you have deleted, including Photos, Videos, Reels, IGTV Videos and Stories.

The company positions this feature as useful against hacking, especially if hackers gain control of an account and start deleting content.

She explained that she developed the feature to help users who are victims of hackers, and said: We know that hackers sometimes delete content when they access an account, and so far people have not had a way to easily recover photos and videos.

Starting now, users need to confirm that they are the account holders, either via text message or email, in order to permanently delete or restore the content.

Deleted items stay in the folder for 30 days, and if left unchecked, they are automatically deleted after that point.

However, deleted stories are the exception, as they only remain in the newly deleted section for 24 hours before they are permanently removed.

You can access the New Deleted Posts folder by going to Settings> Account> Recently Deleted.

Obviously, the platform wants to give people a chance to keep content before it’s permanently removed.

The app offers an archive, or a way to keep posts without being available to the public, and by using this feature, it allows people to keep their posts as an option, even if they want to delete them at first.


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