“Industry”: Receiving specialized facilities for coding national products

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, represented by the National Center for Industrial and Mining Information, has started receiving requests for qualification and accreditation of specialized national facilities. To provide factory support services for indexing and coding national industrial products in all regions of the Kingdom and in multiple industrial sectors.

In a statement, the “Industry” stated that, by receiving applications, it aims to index and define national industrial products and give them a distinctive number that is easy to access and market locally and globally.

The ministry stressed that it is required for the advanced facility for qualification to have the ability to work as an approved coding office, and to have sufficient experience in materials management, supply and supply chains, and procurement management in the industrial field, with the need to have experience in dealing with the most prominent materials coding systems. International, in addition to having experience in classification and indexing operations.

She pointed out that the importance of product coding stands out in creating a common language in all logistics operations, creating a means of communication to understand the relationship between consumers and manufacturers and supporting companies in identifying common materials, in addition to enabling specialists to identify technical and functional specifications for products to improve research efficiency, support localization efforts and increase local content. Protecting products from harmful practices that include anti-dumping, countervailing and preventive measures. The Ministry set the last date for receiving inquiries, which is Thursday, Muharram 18, 1443 AH, while the last date for receiving qualification applications is Thursday, the 25th of Muharram next.

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