“Industry”: 35 million riyals, the volume of investment in sweets and chocolate was pumped into 1066 factories

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources revealed that the volume of investment in the sweets and chocolate industry in the Kingdom reached 35 million riyals, which was pumped into 1066 factories, until mid-July.

A report issued by the National Center for Industrial and Mining Information indicated that investment in sweets and chocolate factories constitutes 1.38% of the total investments in all Saudi factories, noting that foreign investments in the confectionery industry amounted to 3% of the total investments, while the percentage of Saudi investors in the sector was 92 %, and 5% were distributed among joint capitals.

The report indicated that the Riyadh region acquired the highest share of the number of factories with 377 factories, representing 35% of the total number of factories, followed by Makkah Al-Mukarramah with 294 factories, while the number of sweets and chocolate factories reached 133 factories in the Qassim region, while the percentage of large factories operating in the activity of Sweets and chocolates 50%, while the share of small enterprises reached 36%.

According to the quality of the final products, the date maamoul factories came first with 81 factories, then the chocolate factories with 43 factories, and the cake factories came third with 38 factories.

The report pointed out that the distribution of factories according to the size of the investment, in which the gateaux, petitfour and cake factories came first with 235 factories with investments amounting to 11.9 million riyals. Third paste with 134 factories, with an investment of 5.6 million riyals, followed by sugar sweets factories, which numbered 123, with an investment of more than 3.3 million riyals. The number of white chocolate factories reached 73 factories, with a total investment of more than 3.2 million riyals.

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