“Industry”: 1,865 valid licenses in the mining sector as of last October

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources announced that the mining licenses in force in the sector until October amounted to 1,865 licenses, including 1,058 licenses for building materials quarries, 615 exploration licenses, 169 mining and mining exploitation licenses, in addition to 23 survey licenses, as the indicators reflect the growth and sustainability of the mining sector in the Kingdom. And the positive change brought about by the mining investment system.

In the Mining Indicators Report, the ministry revealed that the number of new licenses issued in October 2021 amounted to 101, including 94 building materials quarry licenses, 5 exploration licenses and two reconnaissance licenses.

The mining investment system and its executive regulations include six types of mining licenses, including a survey license that includes all types of minerals for a period of two years that can be extended, a detection license for all types of minerals for a period of five years for category A and B minerals, a license for category C minerals for a period of one year, and a general purpose license that is linked to With a mining license or small mine, and exploitation licenses that include: a mining license for minerals of categories A and B whose license period does not exceed 30 years, subject to renewal or extension, and a small mine license for minerals of categories A and B whose license period does not exceed 20 years, and a building materials quarry license for category minerals A. The term of its license is up to 10 years, which can be extended.

It is noteworthy that the “Ta’aen” platform enables investors to apply for licenses and services through a unified digital platform that includes everything related to the mining sector, to facilitate the investor’s journey, increase the satisfaction of the beneficiaries, reduce the number of procedures for each process and reduce the time and effort required for each procedure. To achieve the government’s objectives in digital transformation and enhance the investment environment in the mining sector in the Kingdom.

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