Industrial feeding of bees adulteration of honey prevails

The General Supervisor of the Honey Quality Laboratory, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arifi, explained that there are many advertisements spread about honey and other products, stressing that the consumer must make sure of the quality of the advertised product, as most of what honey adulterates in the Arab world is the industrial feeding of bees. He may be fed glucose or sucrose, or sell glucose sugar as if it were honey, which is the opposite.

Price and quality

Al-Arifi said that the price of honey is not a condition of its quality, as the price may be cheap and the quality of honey is high, and the price may be high and the honey is adulterated. He added, the consumer differentiates between natural and adulterated through laboratory analyzes, as it is the criterion for proving the quality of honey, exposing it to fraud and conforming to the Saudi standard specifications.

Fallacies and allegations

Al-Arifi mentioned that there are some inaccuracies by beekeepers, in which they claim that the laboratories cannot detect adulteration in honey, and that the detection of sugars are estimates and have differences, and the consumer should buy the product based on confidence only, and this is not true, so the seller who doubts In the role of laboratories and their quality, its product may be under consideration, indicating that the honey quality laboratory is licensed by the Food and Drug Authority, approved by the Saudi Center for Accreditation and applies the ISO 17 system, and it serves consumers, beekeepers, and shop owners, as it determines the percentages of moisture, sucrose, glucose and fructose, Reducing sugars, “hmf”, acidity and other laboratory analyzes with high accuracy.

Sensual qualities

Light and very liquid honey is prone to fermentation and the growth of fungi and bacteria

If honey has a layer of foam, it is often contaminated with fungi and produced gas and acidity


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