India’s security threat … yet another legal challenge to WhatsApp

A petition filed by an Indian court today said that WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy is close to monitoring users and threatening India’s security, which represents another legal challenge to the Facebook-owned app.

The right to participate

California-based WhatsApp stated on January 4 that it reserves the right to share some data including location and phone number with Facebook and its units such as Instagram and Messenger.

That sparked outrage, including in its largest marketplace in India, which has 400 million users.

The change has also faced a challenge in Turkey as the country’s competition board this week launched an investigation into the messaging service.

Calm down clients

In India, many users have started installing competing apps like Signal and Telegram, prompting WhatsApp to start an expensive advertising campaign to calm customers.

User activity

“It gives a profile of approximately 360 degrees of a person’s online activity,” attorney Chitania Rohila said of the new Whatsapp policy in the petition to the Delhi High Court.

A copy of the petition, seen by Reuters, said WhatsApp puts national security at risk by sharing, transferring and storing user data in another country along with information governed by foreign laws.

“WhatsApp made fun of our basic right to privacy,” she said.


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