Increase in the confidence of CEOs in the Gulf economy

The Gulf Center for Economic and Trade Research revealed that the CEO confidence index in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries rose for the first half of this year to 68 points, compared to 51 points in the second half of last year, which indicates a significant recovery in business conditions, and the confidence of Gulf CEOs increased This unprecedented optimism comes as a result of the reopening of markets, the spread of vaccination campaigns in the Gulf countries, and the recent increase in oil prices. The region’s markets in the Gulf, and it issues several types of indicators that have been developed during the past two years, including the Consumer Confidence Index and the Executive Directors Index. The managers are based on a survey of 50 CEOs from different companies in the Gulf countries by asking them 6 main questions, the first is about the CEO’s view of the situation The current economic situation compared to the past 6 months, its macroeconomic expectations over the next 6 months, the status of the sector in which his company operates, in addition to 3 questions regarding sales, capital investment and the employment environment.

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