Inclusion of industrial facilities to support expansion and financing plans

Abdul Rahman Al-Jubeiry, the official spokesman for the Saudi Industrialists Forum initiative, said that the inclusion of industrial facilities in the financial market will contribute to raising industrial indicators, which will reflect on the strength and strength of companies and their presence within a broader financial solvency. Al-Jubeiry added in a press statement yesterday that the listing will support the expansion of the sector’s companies, the growth of their industrial activities and keep pace with the changes, in addition to overcoming many challenges and achieving a comprehensive development of the Saudi product and its efficiency to meet the quality requirements, and thus achieve successful competitiveness and excellent returns and outcomes for businessmen.

The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones “Modon” recently launched a set of incentives to encourage companies to list in Tadawul, including giving priority to obtaining industrial lands and ready factories for industrial companies wishing to list, and appointing an account manager to facilitate and expedite business and requests exceptionally, in addition to Giving them the possibility to build a customized factory..

This package of incentives was launched in cooperation with Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul, within the framework of the Financial Sector Development Program and the initiative to stimulate the private sector to list in the financial market. MODON works in cooperation with the public and private sectors to provide innovative industrial products and services, and to provide qualitative investment and procedural incentives that achieve ease of doing business for its local and international partners.

For the first time, small areas of land were launched, starting from 1,700 square meters, in support of small and medium enterprises and to facilitate the practice of industrial activity. Modon is also currently working on launching a product for small factories, with new areas starting from 200 m²

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