Incitement to commit suicide on social media is punishable

While social networking sites have witnessed suicide attempts from various groups of society, whether by documenting the process in a live broadcast or writing tweets in which the person expresses his desire to do so, with comments that vary between positive and negative incitement that may push the person to commit suicide, the criminal law specialist and expert confirmed With the information crimes, lawyer Ayed Al-Sweih, that anyone who wrote a negative comment and was motivated to increase the second party’s desire to commit suicide is subject to a discretionary punishment For his contribution to the investigation of a crime.

Breaking point

Lawyer and legal advisor Thamer Al-Shawa emphasized that proving incitement is difficult in such cases, as writing negative comments does not amount to being a motive for suicide.

He explained that psychological stress, especially the one that generates a feeling of failure, self-deprecation, and the marginalization of a person in society with the absence of family, and friendship that connects a person to society may lead a person to the point of collapse, and cases of suicide attempt need to support myself before anything else, and need to work on Creating the intangible pre-physical goals of the person; In order to establish a strong link between it and the community, and of course there is the religious link that must be worked on carefully and very strong, so the help of a person who shows suicidal intentions needs the intervention of a specialist psychologist. To understand the root of the problem, as well as a social worker; To solve the problem with the family, and try to restore strong ties between the person and society.

psychological support

Psychologist Hanan Al-Aslani explained that there should be punishment for everyone who does not observe his pen, his writings, and study what he writes from all angles. Because the reader may be affected by a very simple part, but he read it at a time in need of psychological support, and found the opposite of what he wants, which causes frustration and depression that leads to suicide for those who do not have the strength to confront the biting responses, and that depends on the strength of the person and his self-confidence, and whenever they are Strong self-confidence the effect was less. Therefore, she recommends reading the positive responses, ignoring the negativity as if it does not exist, and not going through it, and with time it becomes a habit to read what I like and support me psychologically upwards, and leave what makes me frustrated, and I remember that satisfying people is an unrealistic goal. It turns out that telling the person and disclosing his desire to commit suicide on social media may be due to the absence of anyone listening to him, and no one who takes the issue seriously, and good dealings with him, which leads to searching for whoever gives him attention on the communication sites.

A discretionary punishment

Al-Suwaih added that anyone who sees that someone commits suicide must report in the We Are All Electronic Security program and 911, and it is the competence of the psychiatrist to try to treat the case after knowing the causes, and controlling it because it differs from one person to another, some of it is due to drugs, some of it is a psychological state, and some of it is domestic violence. .

Reporting suicide

Al-Shawa pointed out that reporting a suicide attempt should be done by any means, especially if the act is about to happen, as the police, civil defense, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Social Affairs all work within an integrated team to deal with such matters.


American actor Frederick Jay Bauddy committed suicide via a live broadcast on his social media page, days after he was arrested on charges of his involvement in a sexual assault case.


The Pakistani police found the body of a model and fashion designer Anam Tanuli who committed suicide, and before that she spoke with resentment about bullying via a live broadcast on a social networking site.


A Malaysian girl committed suicide after 69% of her followers voted to die in a vote that she placed on a social networking site.


The Korean star Sulli, days before her suicide, opened a live broadcast on Instagram and appeared in tears, and was unable to speak, after the bullying comments afflicted her with a severe depression that she was unable to overcome.


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