Incidents in football: the FFF hits hard, Paris FC and Lyon eliminated from the Coupe de France

The French Football Federation (FFF) hit hard on Monday, December 27, after the incidents in the stands that occurred during the 32e of the Coupe de France final between Paris FC and Lyon ten days ago. Thus, the two clubs are eliminated from the 2021-2022 edition, OL is suspended from the competition from 2022-2023 and the Lyon club will be deprived of its traveling supporters until the end of the season. .

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The disciplinary commission of the FFF wasted no time: after the hearings by videoconference in the morning, Monday, the sanctions fell by press release in the afternoon. ” The disciplinary commission of the French Football Federation retains the disciplinary responsibility of the two clubs in the incidents that occurred during this meeting “, She affirms in advance whereas the presidents of the two clubs returned the ball to each other since December 17th.

Paris FC and OL both lost matches ” by penalty », Which means that Nice, who was to face the winner of this duel, is already qualified for the 8es of the Coupe de France. Paris FC also receives a five-game suspension from its home ground, the Charléty stadium, and a fine of € 10,000.

The sanctions targeting OL are even heavier with ” the closure of the outside visitors area until the end of the 2021-2022 season “, L1 matches included,” the exclusion from competition of the Coupe de France, accompanied by the suspension, from the 2022-2023 edition », A fine of € 52,000 and reimbursement of costs linked to the repair of damaged seats by its supporters.

Three supporters arrested

The disciplinary committee undoubtedly held against OL that this was the second serious incident involving the Lyon club, after the one against Marseille in Ligue 1, on November 21. The throwing of a full bottle of water on the Marseillais Dimitri Payet and the stoppage of the match after a few minutes had earned OL the withdrawal of one point in the standings. The meeting will have to be replayed behind closed doors.

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On Friday, December 17, it was at half-time for the Cup match between the PFC (L2) and OL, at the Charléty stadium, that the overflows took place. Smoke had been launched near the parking lot of Lyon supporters and fights had broken out in the stands, leading to crowd movements and the deployment of the police. Two people, a supporter and a policeman, were injured.

If no arrest took place at the time, three ultra Parisian supporters were then arrested. Two of them will be tried for violence in meetings, we learned last Wednesday from the prosecution, which opened an investigation the day after the events.

According to a source familiar with the matter, ” ultras from Paris SG could be identified on the videos “Incidents, while the Lyon ultras” wanted to do battle at Gare de Lyon »On their arrival in the capital.


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