Incidents at the Stade de France: questions still pending

While the controversy over the management of the Champions League final on Saturday does not weaken, the senators will audition, this Wednesday 1stJune, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and his sports colleague, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra. The causes of these incidents, such as the attacks that took place before and after the match, continue to raise questions, while the opposition demands clarity on responsibilities.

► Is the figure of 40,000 supporters without tickets or with counterfeit tickets correct?

Did Gérald Darmanin lie when he mentioned “30,000 to 40,000 English supporters without tickets or with falsified tickets” and an “massive, industrial and organized fraud” ? A phenomenon on a scale never observed before, which would be the “root evil” incidents.

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The first occurrence of this number is in a report from the prefect of police Didier Lallement to the minister, on May 29. Asked by The cross Tuesday on the origin of this information, the police headquarters refers to the Ministry of the Interior, which did not respond. On the evening of the match, Gérald Darmanin spoke on Twitter about “thousands” supporters without tickets or with fake tickets, after a press release from UEFA which mentioned “thousands” holders of falsified tickets (according to AFP, the FFF and UEFA would have estimated 2,800 “scanned fake tickets”).

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Following an interministerial meeting on Monday, the Minister of the Interior takes up the number of the police headquarters. “These are the public transport figures, that’s also how we manage to document it, independently of CCTV images and checks.indicated Gérald Darmanin. There were 40,000 more people on the RER D and line 13”. Which would therefore have been added to the 22,000 Britons with valid tickets, causing congestion.

However, the RATP indicates to The cross that there was no“special crowd” that night. Metro line 13 transported 26,000 passengers towards Saint-Denis, RER D 37,000 and RER B only 6,200 (disturbed by a strike whose success the unions hailed, calling for a restart for the France- Denmark Friday June 3). That is nearly 70,000 people to the stadium and the Spaniards fan-zone, enclosures welcoming a total of 80,000 people. The SNCF confirms the figures relating to the two RERs. “Everything went well that evening, there is nothing special to report,” she specifies.

Many people present also question the official version. “The figure is completely fancifulsweeps Pierre Barthélémy, lawyer for supporters, present as an observer for the association Football Supporters Europe (FSE). Very few people with fake tickets were blocked, and there was never a reflux of 30,000 to 40,000 people to the RER. It would have been colossal. This number may correspond to that of the British who were in the Place de la Nation fan-zone. » The Bobigny prosecution opened an investigation into the counterfeit notes on Monday.

► What do we know about attacks before and after the match?

For three days, the Spanish and English press have been reporting a large number of testimonies on the attacks on supporters that took place before and especially after the final. “Never go to see a match in Paris”, writes on Twitter Martin Varsavsky, a business leader who has returned to Madrid “horrified”.

All the stories refer to “youth gangs” numerous and “organized”, “hunting” fans to steal mobile phones, wallets, bags or stadium tickets. “When I left the stadium to go to the metro, I was really scared. There were a lot of young people, maybe 300, who all came running. They had knives and box cutters,” tell to The cross Alvaro, Real Madrid supporter. VSsome started fights while others took advantage of it to steal what they could. It was apocalyptic.” adds Bertrand, resident of Saint-Denis.

Testimonies confirmed by police unionists. “Colleagues on site, accustomed to matches at the Stade de France, told me that they had never seen anything like it”, indicates Ludovic Bonnet, deputy departmental secretary Unit SGP Police 93. “We were faced with sometimes very young offenders, who acted a few meters from the police”, adds Grégory Goupil, Ile-de-France deputy national secretary for the Alliance union. Many spectators attacked denounce the very insufficient presence of the police or their passivity. “Colleagues did what they could. But it’s true that there were so many attacks that they were overwhelmed,” recognizes a trade unionist.

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From these testimonies alone, it is difficult to precisely establish the profile of the aggressors. “There were young people from the housing estates of Saint-Denis but also people in an irregular situation from other areas of Île-de-France, as well as unaccompanied minors”, says Ludovic Bonnet. After the match, 48 people were taken into custody and, for the vast majority of them, came out free after a few hours. “Either because of procedural irregularities, or because the facts were not established or insufficiently characterized”, we explain to the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

“Among those taken into custody, there were no English or Spanish supporters. Nor any person who used counterfeit banknotes,” add to the parquet floor. This Tuesday, six people, prosecuted for thefts in meetings or with violence, were to be tried in immediate appearance.

► What political consequences?

The opposition intends to shine the spotlight on the political responsibility for this disaster, while the Senate hears the Minister of the Interior and his sports colleague this Wednesday. “In the absence of a question and answer session to the government, it was important to be able to question them”, explains the centrist senator Laurent Lafon, president of the commission of cultural affairs in charge of sports, who considers the first elements of explanation insufficient.

Do we need a commission of inquiry, as some elected officials demand? “It’s not our orientation”, responds the senator from Val-de-Marne, recalling that Parliament cannot conduct such an investigation in parallel with a legal procedure. “We have to put things straighthowever, insists Philippe Bas, senator LR and member of the law commission. The refusal to pose the problems and see reality in the face is never constructive. »

Although the opposition has taken up the subject, many majority MPs are still ready to defend the government, blaming the RATP strike, ticketing problems or even supporters “radicalized”. “You cannot ask the police to recover a situation when the problems have accumulated upstream”advances the deputy of Seine-et-Marne Jean-Michel Fauvergue, who also believes that the use ” absolutely necessary tear gas on supporters “probably saved lives”.

But even within the majority, the case is embarrassing. LREM deputy Sacha Houlié, supporter lawyer, deplores problems that do not date from last Saturday. “Throughout the season, the national division for the fight against hooliganism has not worked, the movement of supporters has been prohibited, the prefectures no longer consult the clubs. It can’t work well. » The member for Vienne denounces above all a lack of ” political will “. “ If we accept the commonplace that football fans are unmanageable – which I totally refute – then we give up organizing matches… ”


Concern before the Olympics

Saturday’s incidents come on the eve of two major international events in France: the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympics.

The organizers of the Olympic Games are faced with a colossal challenge: welcoming 600,000 spectators (seven times the Stade de France) on the banks of the Seine in Paris for an outdoor opening ceremony. “We will be ready” in two years, assured Tuesday the president of the Organizing Committee of the Games, Tony Estanguet.

The new Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, on Monday ordered an analysis report which must be given to her within ten days, calling for “strengthen the management of major events”.


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