Incentives to finance women’s companies and obtain government projects

The Financial Knowledge and Communication Center “Mutamem” revealed that banks have been providing incentives when financing establishments led by women or men and women, in addition to enabling them to access government projects. One of the virtual meetings through which the center seeks to develop economic knowledge in line with future aspirations.

The meeting was attended by Salma Al-Rashed, Sherpa of the Twentieth Women’s Communication Group, Haitham Al-Ghaliqa, Saudi Co-Chair of the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion and Head of the Saudi Financial Inclusion Team, Jawaher Al-Sudairy, Director of Al-Nahda Research Center, and Latifa Al-Wallan, Executive Director of Endeavor Saudi Arabia. The meeting was moderated by Sahar Al-Shamrani, a consultant in the strategy and development sector of the organization. Spending Efficiency Center. During the meeting, Al-Rashed confirmed that the fact that some women around the world do not own bank accounts is a kind of exclusion and not being financially included, and she indicated that one of the most important goals of the G20 is to bridge the gap by 25% by 2025. Al-Ghaliqa explained that the Kingdom at the G20 summit focused on providing appropriate and effective solutions to the less fortunate who face obstacles in obtaining financial services, such as women and youth, with the aim of creating appropriate conditions that ensure access to all services and facilities that would contribute to prosperity and development and open new horizons for them. . Latifa Al-Waalan indicated that the National Dialogues initiative by the Twentieth Women’s Communication Group aims to create guidance platforms that contribute to empowering women to build professional relationships that connect them with experienced people and also enable them to access government contracts by empowering small and medium enterprises, as we see in the Etimad platform. Jawaher Al-Sudairy confirmed that Al-Nahda Association has set up several programs aimed at supporting the empowerment of women through the Khazna program, which aims to address the behaviors of financial management, noting that the program to ensure support for women’s access to finance, by providing an incentive to banks when financing establishments led by women or men and women. .

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