Inauguration of 4 factories worth half a billion riyals in Jeddah

The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (Modon), Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef, inaugurated four industrial projects; With a total value of more than half a billion riyals, during his inspection visit to the industrial cities in Jeddah, it included the projects launched by Al-Nahdi Medical Company in the second industrial city in Jeddah on an area of ​​249,698 square meters with the aim of localizing the industries of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and supplies, perfumes and cosmetics, in addition to cold and dried foodstuffs with investments amounting to 380 million riyals, and the factory of the National Plastics Industry Company in the Third Industrial City in Jeddah on an area of ​​77,320 m², to transfer advanced technologies and localize the manufacture of pipes and hoses, and a production line was launched at the Saudi Dairy and Food Products Company “SADAFCO” factory, on an area of ​​19,800 m², And Al-Najma Factory Ltd., on an area of ​​4,972 square meters, with the aim of localizing the manufacture of hydro and thermal insulation and adhesives, with investments amounting to 11 million riyals. More than half a billion riyals, and it includes 4 factories that contribute to achieving food and medical security for the Kingdom by raising production capacity in the food, equipment and Medical supplies, beside waterproofing, perfumes and cosmetics.
He stated that the Minister of Industry was also briefed on the road system leading to the industrial cities, and inspected the stages of implementation of infrastructure projects, facilities and logistics services. He also reviewed the packages of services and products provided to the investment partners of MODON. Since its launch in 2001, MODON has been interested in developing integrated industrial lands with services. Today, it supervises 36 existing and under development industrial cities, and the existing industrial cities include more than 4,000 factories between producer, existing and under construction and establishment.


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