In the video .. “Statistics” launches the “Statistical Database” platform

The General Authority for Statistics launched the “Statistical Database” platform, which is a unified channel for publishing all statistical data produced by the General Authority for Statistics.

The platform invests the latest in artificial intelligence techniques in the world to search its contents with unique technical advantages such as linking with (API) technology and the use of metadata and graphs. The platform provides its users of various categories with a distinct interactive experience; It allows them to access all the data and statistics

Available from the General Authority for Statistics and access to its descriptive data with ease and ease.

The platform aims to help and support data users, whether they are decision-makers and policy-makers in government agencies and the private sector, or researchers and general users, as well as providing statistical requirements for regional and international organizations.

The (Statistical Database) platform allows its users to view specially designed statistical reports and summaries from the General Authority for Statistics for the general public. As a unified and comprehensive database, the platform contains statistical tables and metadata covering the areas: demographic, social, economic, environmental, knowledge, and information technology. .

In the first phase of its launch, the “Statistical Database” platform included (151) statistical topics, (618) statistical tables, and (280) statistical indicators. The platform is fed periodically, so that the data is constantly updated according to the latest statistical products that the authority has established. The General Statistics Authority published and made it available recently, and the update process is done automatically to ensure that there is no delay in publishing statistical data in various fields.

The launch of the “Statistical Database” platform as a unified electronic platform comes in light of the keenness of the General Authority for Statistics to harness all data in order to integrate roles with government agencies and individuals.

The platform has witnessed a great demand from researchers and users since its recent launch, and this platform will benefit the entire community, whether institutions or individuals. It is a digital platform for data, which provides all user segments with statistical indicators and metadata in a clear manner that is easy to deal with and easily accessed through an electronic link that the user enters, then searches for the statistical topic that he is interested in, and then can access the relevant data, indicators and statistical tables Relationship.

It is noteworthy that the General Authority for Statistics is making great efforts in the comprehensive transformation journey it is currently witnessing to develop and govern the statistical work in the Kingdom to keep pace with the ambitions and aspirations of Vision 2030 towards a promising future in which the Kingdom occupies its appropriate position at the forefront of the world’s countries, and the Authority becomes a global statistical body according to the highest standards and scientific foundations international standards in this field.

The “Statistical Database” platform follows international statistical best practices in terms of data dissemination standards, and provides easy-to-use tools for designing, exporting and sharing available reports, and contains a number of functions that simulate the functions based on international standards in the design of statistical databases.


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