In the meanders of memory

In the near future imagined by this intriguing radio fiction, high-tech companies are saving, by computer, people’s memory in order to restore it in the event of accident or illness. Falling under the spell of a young stranger whose files were unfortunately damaged, Hippolyte Polycarpe, one of the employees of the Mnémosan clinic, decides to break the protocol and implant the best memories of other patients in her. Solitary and introverted, he sees it as an opportunity to mold the woman of his dreams, but his “creation” does not take long to escape him. Between science fiction and thriller, this carefully produced dystopia, adapted from a short story by J.-H. Rosny elder, mischievously revisits the myths of Pygmalion and Frankenstein. The air of nothing, she raises deep questions on the link between personality and memory, on the malleability of memories, a subject on which returns a neuroscientist of the University of Geneva in a short complementary video.


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