In The Last Voyage, Jean Reno does everything so that the sky does not fall on our heads

Romain Quirot’s feature film tells how an astronaut tries to prevent a collision between Earth and a mysterious red moon. Release scheduled for 2021.

Flying cars, epic battles and endangered planets: no, it’s not the next one Star wars, but from Romain Quirot’s first feature film, entitled The Last Voyage. Shot in 2019 and scheduled for this year, the film takes place “in the near future” or “A mysterious red moon is exploited to the limit for its energy. As it abruptly changes course and heads straight for Earth, Paul WR, the only astronaut capable of destroying it, refuses to accomplish this mission and disappears. Relentlessly hunted down, Paul crosses paths with Elma, a teenage girl with an explosive temperament who will accompany him in his flight ”, Tandem, the film’s production and distribution company, explains in a press release.

A science fiction film, which takes up the short film The Enigmatic Paul WR’s Last Voyage by the same director, released in 2016 and awarded at the Berlin Short Film Festival in the science fiction category. If the story remains broadly similar, the character of Elma has been added, inspired by the young people of today who are trying to find their place in the world, the director explained to Culture bubbles. If the actress playing Elma is still unknown to the public, several major actors join the cast: Jean Reno, but also the singer and actor Philippe Katerine, as well as Hugo Becker (Gossip Girl, I promise you) in the shoes of the astronaut.

In this promising trailer of a few minutes, the sets and aesthetics are reminiscent of big names in science fiction like Blade runner or Mad Max, while the music is reminiscent of the scary soundtrack ofInterstellar. Already director of two documentaries and author of two novels, Romain Quirot seems to be making the bet of reintroducing science fiction in French cinema, a genre usually little prized by directors in France.

The exact release date has not yet been announced, so we will have to wait to see if The Last Voyage will succeed in seducing the public, while big American science fiction productions such as Matrix 4 and Dune are also expected.


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