In Stillwater, Matt Damon as an outstanding father

CRITICAL – In Tom Mccarthy’s film, the actor plays an American who arrives in Marseille to support his imprisoned daughter. A scenario chiseled to perfection.

Cheap. How do you say it in English? Matt Damon does not ask the question. This American disembarking in Marseilles does not even try to take the southern accent. He has come to support his daughter who has been in prison for five years, accused of murdering her girlfriend. At Les Baumettes, she cries out her innocence. Bill is not of infinite help to him. He does not speak a word of French, barely knows Allison whom he did not take care of enough, immersed as he was in his alcohol problems. This widower was an oil driller in Oklahoma. It is an understatement to say that it does not roll on gold.

This trip suddenly imposed itself. All his savings are spent there. The Old Port seemed to him a strange, indecipherable land. He would have to find a certain Akim who was there the night of the murder. This redneck first moved to the hotel before moving in with Camille Cottin (irreproachable as a theatrical artist from La Canebière) who has an 8-year-old girl and who assists her with the translation. The police almost

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