In Montpellier, the mobilization against the health pass does not weaken

“The health pass, we don’t want it! “. At the beginning of the afternoon, under a still scorching sun, the crowd, dotted with a few yellow vests, a flag bearing the image of the Cross of Lorraine, French flags and many signs concerning the vaccination of children , gathers on the place of the comedy.

Sunglasses and summer dress, Sandra Baudier proudly holds a sign “When there is no choice, there is no freedom” it is written. At 44, this mother, a saleswoman in a chain of stores, is raising her 11-year-old daughter on her own. “I’m rather the type to always fit well in the boxes. I’m not a rebel for a penny. But there, when I see what is happening, I manifest for the first time in my life ”, she testifies, a little trembling. “I’m afraid I will have to get to the vaccine to be able to work. I have girlfriends who have had no choice. They went to be vaccinated crying. “


Sandra came from Nîmes to join the demonstration in Montpellier. But among his relatives, no one knows. “I’m not talking about it. This subject causes too many divisions in families and in the population in general ”, she notes. Around her, on the Place de la Comédie, the crowd begins to become more compact. On the steps of the opera house, several people follow one another behind a microphone installed quickly. “Resistant, resistant!” Chanted a young woman, “the government is not letting go, but neither are we! ” The crowd applauds, galvanized. In turn, a mother, a law professor took the floor. “We must protect our children”, said one. “Assert your rights with the industrial tribunal in the event of interruption of salary”, warns the other.

To the sound of a batucada, a long procession of 9,500 people forms (2,000 more than the previous week) and weaves its way through the streets of Montpellier along a limited route defined by the Prefect. At the head, caregivers and firefighters hold a large banner “United against the vaccine obligation”. In the ranks, the demonstrators hold up placards. “You had my parents, you will not have my children”, indicates one of them. “Save our children” or “Research Parents in action”, can we read.

” Freedom ! “

Ghislain, 70, prefers not to reveal his last name. He claims to have been harassed on social networks by his positions. “I am not anti-vaccine, but I am not for coercion or for this vaccine. ” Without a sanitary pass, he and his wife cannot use the terraces during their holidays. “It’s a stupid embarrassment”, he observes. “It’s blackmail”, his wife abounds at his side. The procession plunges into the main arteries of the city. The demonstrators hammer, in rhythm, ” Freedom ! ”

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Halfway, the procession freezes. Members of the identity group of the Ligue du Midi and anti-fascists clash, sowing confusion. Despite the insistence of a few people to calm the situation, a plank of wood is thrown through the crowd. Crutches are struck. Then, in a regained calm, the parade resumes the course. Some protesters prefer to return home. Sandra, she will come back next Saturday anyway.


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