In Lebanon, religious leaders call for a government of national salvation

As Lebanese youth take to the streets, exhausted by the country’s crisis, Christian and Muslim religious leaders on Friday (January 29) launched a solemn appeal to politicians to form a government of national salvation, says Vatican News. Indeed, the country has been without a government since August, for lack of agreement between the main parties, despite local and international pressure.

The tone of the message of Christian and Muslim religious leaders is serious, commensurate with the situation in which the land of the Cedars is struggling. As hardships multiply, infighting has crippled institutions for months.

In their message, the Lebanese patriarchs including the Maronite Cardinal Bechara Raï, and Muslim dignitaries denounced the behavior of political leaders who must stop ” to play with the fate of the nation “. The religious dignitaries call for the establishment of a ” national salvation government. “For lack of a start, “This multifaceted crisis will be fatal in Lebanon”, they point out.

Lebanon – Cardinal Raï calls out to Lebanese leaders during mass on January 1, 2021

The problems that the country is going through cause, according to the religious, “A serious moral crisis”. Lebanon continues to heal its wounds. Political and economic difficulties were compounded by the tragic explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, killing more than 200 and injuring some 6,500. With nearly 300,000 identified cases and 2,600 dead, the country of the Cedar is not immune to the pandemic, a new ordeal which marks a bloodless nation.

Covid-19, the Lebanese are counting again on mutual aid

Faced with the scale of the health crisis, the government has imposed since January 14 a second strict confinement, accompanied by a closure of shops. It did not take more to arouse the anger of an exhausted population. For several days, major protests have been taking place in Tripoli, in northern Lebanon. Violent clashes with police forces have left one dead and more than 400 injured this week, while protesters denounce the economic repercussions of the lockdown imposed in the fight against covid19.

Lebanon: in Tripoli, violent demonstrations against containment

Without supporting the demonstrations but faced with the risk of the collapse of the country, the leaders of the Christian and Muslim communities solemnly appeal to the duty of politicians: “ the people will not forgive. History will not forget “.


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