In Le Sommet des dieux, animation at its peak

CRITICAL – Director Patrick Imbert adapts Jirô Taniguchi’s cult manga with great accuracy. The story of a mountaineer in search of surpassing oneself.

Two men roped up, ice ax in hand, lost in the snowy immensity of a mountain range, move forward with difficulty. The image immediately strikes the retina with its purity. The Summit of the Gods Is not far.

The soaring music that accompanies the first images of this very sensory animated film envelops the viewer in a mysterious sheet.

The silhouettes of mountaineers decked out in glacier goggles, oxygen masks and oxygen cylinders progress in the wind and cold. One feels traversed by an icy shiver. An animated sequence will have been enough to find oneself immersed in the heart of the matter.

Director Patrick Imbert, who has trained in animation since Corto Maltese from Pascal Morelli in 2002 until Ernest and Celestine Where The Big Bad Fox, in 2017, knows that he is attacking a peak of high-end manga: The Summit of the Gods by Jirô Taniguchi appeared in France between 2000 and 2003. Adapting the novel by Baku Yumemakura, the author of Distant neighborhood in a

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