In Hollywood, the booming voice of Marlee Matlin

PORTRAIT – Oscar winner in 1987 for Children of silence, the deaf actress wears Coda, the American version of The Aries Family, to discover this Friday on Apple TV +. Meeting with an actress who fights for a better representation of disability on screen.

In Children of silence (1987), via a sardonic raised eyebrow, a nod of the head, the graceful intertwining of her fingers, Marlee Matlin conveyed Sarah’s anger, frustration but also jokes on the screen. Deaf housekeeper refusing to speak and coming up against her lover’s (William Hurt) misunderstanding. A revolt never carried aloud except for a single throaty retort full of rage: “Hear my voice, hear my words” torn off during an argument. Captivated, Hollywood crowned Marlee Matlin with the Oscar for Best Actress in 1987. At age 21, she became the youngest winner and the only deaf artist to be so honored.

If the first record is flattering, the second saddens her and betrays the indifference of the entertainment industry for disabled artists. This glass ceiling, Marlee Matlin intends to dynamite it with Coda, funny but more socially engaged and militant remake of The Aries Family. Illinois native resumes

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