In Belgium, cinemas reopen in turn on Wednesday after seven months of closure

The gauge is set at 75% of seats available in a maximum of 200 spectators. Room ventilation rules are also imposed.

Three weeks after France, and after eight months of closure, the Belgians will finally find the cinemas. On Wednesday June 9, Belgium begins a new phase of its “Summer Plan” of deconfinement, with the reopening of its indoor cafes and restaurants, but also several measures concerning the world of culture. Thus, Belgian cinemas, closed since October 2020, they will finally be able to reopen on Wednesday, in compliance with strict protocol. A maximum capacity of 200 people or 75% of the capacity of the room will be required, and the public will have to respect the wearing of the mask as well as the safety distances. Air ventilation protocols should also be put in place. A much more flexible gauge than the 35% currently required in France, which should be revised to 65% on June 9.

A great program will be offered to spectators, with several new releases but also a few films that have emerged, sacrificed after a week of exploitation. Nomadland, Drunk and The Father, the three Oscar-winning films, will be in theaters from the first days. Like in France, Goodbye Cons with the Belgian Virginie Efira will be entitled to another chance.

A reopening that professionals in the sector are impatiently awaiting, faced with a very fragile sector: ” We are obviously relieved. […] With a gauge of two hundred people, we are happy. Our members will be able to get the teams back to work and bring joy and entertainment back to the public », Confided Thierry Laermans, secretary general of the Federation of Belgian cinemas to The Free.

And Belgium is putting all the chances on its side to bring back the spectators. The Cinema and Audiovisual Center, with the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, has decided to launch an operation “I can’t, I have cinema», To encourage moviegoers to come back to theaters. On the program, 17,500 cinema seats offered at only 1 euro, in around thirty cinemas in the region. Places at the advantageous rate that those interested can reserve as of today on the site of the operation.

A first step for Belgian cinemas, which will be able to regain 80% of their capacity on July 1, while French cinemas will already be at 100% on June 30. Belgium will wait for its part at the end of July to regain full capacity.


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