Improving Biden’s dog behavior

Major, the Biden naughty dog, is preparing to leave the White House again, this time following a training designed to help him improve his behavior after showing aggressive behavior in the first weeks of his new life in the presidential residence.

Michael LaRosa, a spokesman for the US First Lady, Jill Biden, confirmed that the dog “Major”, a type of German shepherd, “will undergo additional training to help him adjust to his life in the White House.”

He indicated that the training will last a few weeks.

Adjusting to life in the US presidential residence was not an easy task for the dog that couple Joe and Jill Biden adopted from a dog shelter.

In March, Major was temporarily removed from the presidential residence and transferred to the Biden family home in Delaware, in the northeastern United States, after at least one biting incident at the White House.

President Joe Biden, in an interview with ABC News, attributed the problems with “Major” to the animal’s adoption of excessive protective behavior in its ever-crowded new environment.

Major was trained at the time to correct the situation, but that was not enough, it seems.

Despite the departure of “Major”, “Champ”, the second dog of the German Shepherd of the type of the type of German to the Presidential duo, which is an older and quieter animal, will remain by his owners in Washington.


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