IIT-Ropar develops temperature data logger device for cold chain monitoring

Chandigarh, May 31

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Ropar has developed a device that records ambient temperature during the transportation of vaccines, body organs and blood.

‘AmbiTag’ is a USB-shaped device that continuously records the temperature of its immediate surroundings from -40 to +80 degrees in any time zone for a full 90 days on a single charge, according to a statement issued by IIT-Ropar on Monday .

Most of the similar devices available in the international market record data only for a duration of 30-60 days.

Such devices were being imported by India in a massive quantity from other countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland and China, according to the statement.

The device will be made available to all companies involved in COVID vaccine transportation from production facilities to the last mile vaccination centers in the country at the production cost of Rs 400.

Suman Kumar, the coordinator of the Internet of Things (IoT) Systems Domain at AWaDH, said “AmbiTag, which is certified with ISO 13485, is priced below Rs 1,000 to ensure the broader use of the device in different applications. It generates an alert when the temperature goes beyond a pre-set limit. The recorded data can be retrieved in user-defined format by connecting the USB with any computer.”

The device advises the user whether the transported item is usable or the cold chain has been compromised during the transportation. This information is particularly critical for vaccines, organs and blood transportation, he said.

AmbiTag in India is developed by the researchers at IIT-Ropar, Technology Innovation Hub – Agriculture and Water Technology Development Hub (AWaDH) and ‘ScratchNest’, which is a startup founded by four IIT-Ropar students. PTI

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