IIT-K starts course in Geodesy – Measuring the Earth

Kanpur, December 22

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) has announced the launch of a new course – Diploma of IIT (D-IIT) in Geodesy which is the science of measuring the Earth.

The D-IIT program will be offered by the Department of civil engineering in three broad areas. These include – Geodesy, navigation and mapping and remote sensing and geographic information system (GIS).

The science of Geodesy has applications in monitoring earthquake, volcanic, landslide and weather hazard recognition and response; soil health, water resources, and drought surveillance; climate change including monitoring the polar ice cover; oil spill clean-ups; GPS timing and autonomous vehicle development.

With the support from the government department of science and technology, IIT-K has recently established the National Center for Geodesy (NCG) with Professor Onkar Dikshit, from the Department of Civil Engineering as its coordinator and supported with the experience of Dr B Nagarajan ( Chairman, National Geodesy Program) and Prof Balaji Devaraju.

The NCG is the first of its kind in the country to support education and research in Geodesy.

Chairman Board of Governors, IIT-K, Dr Radhakrishnan said: “The D-IIT programs launched at IIT-K will raise the national capability in Geodesy and navigation and mapping besides impelling advance data analytics into remote sensing and GIS.”

Director, IIT-K, Prof Abhay Karandikar said: “Geodesy is an area where well-qualified technical human resources, research activities, and geodetic infrastructure are required at the national level.”

He said: “The NCG has been established to enhance expertise in Geodesy and allied areas. The Center’s primary aim is to act as a hub of in teaching and research in Geodesy, both at the national and the international level.”

He further said: “The area of ​​Geodesy, has wide-ranging applications from vehicle navigation, location-based services involving search and advertisement to solving broad issues related to climate studies, military applications, and large-scale mapping of natural and agricultural resources and resources. disaster studies. “

The new course will be open to candidates from different backgrounds with requirements as for the MTech / MS (R) program of Geoinformatics with specialization in civil engineering.

However, for the D-IIT program, the GATE requirement is waived for working professionals. – IANS

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